StorPool 18.01 Release Change Log – -> 18.01.328.4ab9a5f

  • Native 4k drives support

  • Various improvements in internal tools, monitoring and services

  • Changes in the way data on the underlying drives is aggregated in a more efficient manner

18.01.242.b4fbf45 – ->

  • No longer ignore snapshots being deleted when re-basing long snapshot-volume chains

  • Fix a bug in handling aborted iSCSI operations in storpool_iscsi service

  • Fix in storpool_server to not forget to delete moved snapshot objects

  • Add support for centos 7.5 in the storpool_rdma kernel module

  • Add support for 4.14+ & OFED in the storpool_rdma kernel module

  • Add support for 4.12+ in the storpool_pci kernel module

  • Improve some of the diagnostic and monitoring tools

  • Make the “recovery” state of a task clearly visible in the output of storpool task list – -> 18.01.242.b4fbf45

  • Disable check of BBU status for genreport

  • Fix service name and symlinks on CentOS 6 for the storpool_controller service

  • Fix installing dependency packages on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Fix the installation of the CentOS 6 cgmove init script

  • Remove “reload” for init scripts, as it’s not supported by the StorPool services and actually does “restart”

  • Add /usr/lib/storpool/get_tech_support - Collects useful information to be sent to support for initial troubleshooting in case of no access to the cluster.

18.01.181.cec460e – ->

  • Let the StorPool CLI prompt be customized using the SP_CLI_PROMPT variable

  • Use port 443 (instead of 8086) in the storpool_stat service to get through firewalls more easily

  • Add support for GCC 7

  • Remove log entries for recovered objects (prevents syslog flooding)

  • Multiple fixes and improvements on the server and bridge services

  • Handle the new fio 3.1+ log format in the disk_tester tool

  • Improve the fio test scripts

  • Run the mgmt and bridge services in a separate memory cgroup - mgmt.slice

  • Improve the storpool_bd kernel module

  • Add the SP_CPU_DMA_LATENCY variable to the storpool.conf.example file (more info at and

  • Add a check for the status of the BBU/Cache Vault of RAID controllers

  • Improve repsync service

  • Add a tool for filtering git logs

  • Add a tool for rotating snapshots on number of volumes

18.01.91.edf2ec3 – -> 18.01.181.cec460e

  • Bridge redundancy, now multiple bridges may run at the same time with only one active at a given time

  • Bridge lower CPU when recovering objects with very small amount of actual data

  • Improve the site-to-site throughput on higher-latency connections

  • Support 4.15+ kernels and gcc 7

  • Let the configuration in /etc/storpool.conf.d/*.conf override the one in /etc/storpool.conf

  • Install the storpool_stat statistics collection tool

  • CLI is now showing the much more readable ‘RECOVERY’ (instead of 0) and ‘bridge’ (instead of 1) in the task id column in the output of storpool task list

  • Added a configuration option to skip the dependency installation

  • Various reliability fixes and improvements

18.01.41.eacd2bf – -> 18.01.91.edf2ec3

  • Various small fixes and improvements

  • Only execute the storpool_cgmove tool on boot

  • Remove an unused/obsolete service (machine-cgsetup)

  • Add example cgroup configuration for Debian 9

  • Install modules for all installed kernels on the system and for the latest available one in the package

  • Install genreport on all nodes and add non-API related checks

  • Add support for Intel P4500

  • Add the /usr/lib/storpool/ tool

  • Bump the maximum number of volumes+snapshots to 30000

18.01.2.d5c0646 – -> 18.01.41.eacd2bf

  • Keep and update the balancer state through transactions

  • Various improvements and optimizations in the re-balancing tools

  • Add a flag to distinguish snapshots not being deleted due to multiple children

  • Fix storpool_bridge to not send older data and TRIMs

  • The storpool net list CLI output now includes the currently expected number of voting beacons

16.02.198.ee35bd2 – -> 18.01.2.d5c0646

  • Decrease boot time for storpool_server

  • New storpool_controller service to handle statistics data collection from the storpool_server processes in order to be used by the API

  • Remove all the empty objects for all the snapshots that are not attached, thus decreasing the number of objects used with many snapshots

  • The placementGroup addDisk command now only accepts diskIDs for disks already recognized by the cluster

  • Display the servers that were up but have been down since the API was started

  • Support for 4.13 and 4.14 kernels

  • Various robustness and reliability fixes

16.02.168.df45b80 – -> 16.02.198.ee35bd2

  • Fix for storpool_block to properly handle StorPool volumes mounted with the _netdev option on shutdown

  • Fix for disk_tester when the drives are handled by the Dell PERC controller

  • Fix a harmless Perl interpreter warning in the StorPool CLI

  • A few other small fixes in tools and documentation

16.02-164.1829075 – -> 16.02.168.df45b80

  • Added simple short name/value tags stored in the volume/snapshot name both at creation time and afterwards

  • Added NVMe TRIM support

16.02.85.b833cc3 – -> 16.02-164.1829075

  • Fix an internal statistics script’s handling of the StorPool interface configuration

  • Fix in the dependency resolution when hwloc-nox is installed

  • Fix in dependency installation on Debian-like systems (no-install-recommends)

  • Adds support for the CentOS 7.4 kernel line to storpool_rdma

  • Various robustness and reliability fixes

  • Set the correct search path in a cron definition

  • Allow the system administrator to override the exclusion of the Mellanox drivers in the initrd to avoid some rare hangs at boot time

  • Run “sync” after the StorPool installation to make it much more probable that the files and directories have actually been created and written to the system disks

  • Install a much improved test infrastructure using the fio tool into /usr/share/doc/storpool/examples/fio

  • Add the deleteAfter keyword to the snapshot remote unexport CLI command

16.02.11.eabf888 – -> 16.02.85.b833cc3

  • Various small improvements in the build process and the update tools

  • Peers with version < 16.02 will no longer be allowed to join the cluster

  • Fix: beacons won’t block with heavily loaded API

16.02.3.b638454 – -> 16.02.11.eabf888

  • Add the reuseServer flag for volumes, snapshots, and templates to allow placing more than one disk in a replication chain onto the same server

  • Checks and reports available kernels without modules for running StorPool services

  • Fix for setirqaff to properly setup interrupts on storage only nodes with missing machine.slice cgroup setup