StorPool 20.0 Change Log

20.0 revision 20.0.325.7d16d036f

Released 01 Feb 2023

  • Gathering additional data in storpool_stat for the installed package versions for OpenNebula and CloudStack orchestrations.

  • Increase the number of NVMe drives for a single node from 16 to 64.

20.0 revision 20.0.276.b05695816

Released 11 Jan 2023

  • The balancer tool now requires one of -F, -A or -R options to proceed, see Rebalancing StorPool in the User Guide.

  • Removed support for Debian 9.

  • storpool_nvmed service now waits for all NVMe devices to be initialized by the OS, which fixes an issue with NVMe’s not getting back in the cluster upon reboot.

  • MetaV1 compatibility is removed, minimum version for supported upgrade is now 19.01.2995.15aa353e8.

  • Increase gratuitious ARP interval in storpool_iscsi to workaround broken behavior in Xen Server 7.x.

20.0 revision 20.0.205.c5cbaeb49

Released 19 Dec 2022

  • storpool_mgmt - fix for crash on an attempt to soft eject a disk with multicluster attached volume.

20.0 revision

Released 12 Dec 2022

  • Adds support for Samsung PM1733 NVMe.

  • Fix ARP resolve on backup interface in missing-cross-switch-link iSCSI multipath case.

  • Gathering additional data in storpool_stat:

    • status of iSCSI controllers connections.

    • kdump service status.

    • present kernel command line parameters.

    • present sysctl configuration.

    • status for all systemd units.

20.0 revision

Released 30 Nov 2022

  • storpool_iscsi:

    • scalability improvements with 1000+ exports.

    • decreased failover times.

  • Automatically detect NVMe devices with StorPool signatures (removes the SP_NVME_PCI_ID configuration option).

  • Removed support for pre-AMD Zen-based processors (the amdfam10 architecture).

  • Fix the storpool_vcctl tool causing failure with status volume command.

  • Fix in storpool_server for induced latency during entries aggregation.

20.0 revision

Released 20 Oct 2022

  • Adds support for Dell branded Samsung PM1725 and XS1715 NVMe devices.

  • Add handling for non-null-terminated NVMe serial and product numbers.

  • New default latency threshold values (more at In-server disk and journal performance tracking).

20.0 revision 20.0.38.c5178becb

Released 03 Oct 2022

  • storpool_server detects new trim operations that only trim over old ones and completes them immediately.

20.0 revision

Released 08 Sep 2022

  • storpool_volumecare - significant performance speedup in large backup clusters.

  • storpool_havm - highly available virtual machine service helper (more here).

  • storpool_mgmt - fix for crash on an attempt to rebase a volume or a snapshot to an already destroyed snapshot.

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