StorPool 21.0 Change Log

21.0 revision 21.0.318.051ec1d80

Released 20 Feb 2023

  • storpool_mgmt: handle some cases of stale snapshots during multicluster migrations

  • Performance improvements with storpool_iscsi and faster network (25+ GE).

  • Added support for 6.5 line of kernels.

21.0 revision 21.0.288.e52a50c1a

Released 28 Jan 2023

  • Fix for mlx5 driver for hang due to queue overflow

  • The update tooling gets all services back up even in case the command is interrupted

21.0 revision

Released 16 Jan 2023

  • Move some network tuning sysctls to be activated only on bridge nodes.

  • The VolumeFreeze API call is in process of deprecation, the storpool CLI will start showing deprecation warnings, until this is completed.

  • Fix for mlx5_core based NICs for hanging traffic due to incorrect signalization handling.

  • Adds support for SK Hynix PE8110 E1.S series NVMe devices.

21.0 revision 21.0.242.e4067e0e4

Released 4 Jan 2023

  • Hardware acceleration related fixes for the mlx5 driver with an older CentOS7 kernel.

  • VolumeCare update to version 1.27.1 (more info at 9.  VolumeCare Changelog).

  • New balancer options for better handling of degraded states (--ignore-down-disks and --empty-down-disks, detailed here)

  • New helper tool storpool_capacity_planner for better planning of hardware upgrades for different erasure coding schemes.

21.0 revision

Released 15 Dec 2023

  • Erasure Coding:

    • Performance and stability fixes with very large volumes.

    • storpool_mgmt: fix for handling re-balancing a cluster with active erasure coding with a forgotten disk.

  • VolumeCare update to version 1.27 (more info at 9.  VolumeCare Changelog).

21.0 revision 21.0.94.f7de41582

Released 25 Oct 2023

  • Improved API responsiveness during high load while performing remote recovery into a local hybrid pool.

21.0 revision

Released 13 Oct 2023

  • Introduced new feature - Erasure Coding

  • Added support for Debian 12 and Proxmox Virtual Environment 8.

  • All services local to a node are now able to detect if their storpool_beacon service is hung.

  • Introduced an additional check in the update_rdma tool that the kernel modules to be reloaded exist for the running kernel.

  • Prevented StorPool services from using UDP port 27489 in order to prevent collisions with other services running on the node or in the storage network.

  • Added support for the Micron 9400 PRO.

  • Reduced the amount of logging from all StorPool services.

20.0 revision 20.0.1095.734a81b7e

Released 02 Oct 2023

  • Additional collection of volume status (quickStatus) data in for all volumes and snapshots in the cluster for more comprehensive alerts.

20.0 revision 20.0.1032.aeda18feb

Released 13 Sep 2023

  • Adds support for recent Intel Optane devices.

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