StorPool 19.3 Change Log

More details for the changes are available at Release Notes

19.3 revision 19.01.2592.cf99471bd

Released 25 Dec 2021

  • storpool_stat: additional data collected for more comprehensive monitoring alerts:

    • modules tainted state from /proc

    • free space on all filesystems

    • lshw json output

    • lspci with kernel modules output

  • storpool_ctl:

    • just warns when the storpool_bd module could not be reloaded

    • the status option now shows all alerts for kernel module versions

  • storpool_server:

    • resets wbt_lat_usec parameter in /sys to 0 for all StorPool data disks

    • fix for more than one disk with the same disk ID

  • storpool_mgmt/CLI - adds global max recovery request setup (Local and remote recovery overrides)

19.3 revision 19.01.2571.5eb9133c9

Released 16 Dec 2021

  • storpol_bridge: use BIC for TCP connections to achieve higher througput on high-latency links

19.3 revision 19.01.2562.7b73fb02d

Released 15 Dec 2021

  • storpool_server: fixes for a race-condition during re-balancing operation and system volumes aggregation that leads to abort.

  • Fixes for balancer tool for re-balancing a cluster with applied overrides.

19.3 revision 19.01.2545.66f61a9cd

Released 08 Dec 2021

  • Adds new features in storpool_volumecare version 1.21 (8.  VolumeCare Changelog).

  • Adds disk_init_helper (more here)

  • storpool_hugepages: now retries reservation

19.3 revision 19.01.2539.30ba167e1

Released 29 Nov 2021

  • Meta V2 (more here) fixes for re-balancing performance in clusters with HDD only pools.

  • storpool_abrtsync: fix for service starting before new vmcore-dmesg file permissions in /var/crash get updated.

  • Initial support for persistent memory devices used for journal (more here).

19.3 revision 19.01.2465.6f77d00cd

Released 11 Nov 2021

  • Critical fix for the monitoring agent that would miss a total API outage (no active API running in a cluster).

  • storpool_mgmt - fixes case with a destroyed snapshot on an ejected and forgotten disk.

  • Adds support for all 5.11+ kernels (up to 5.13 for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).

19.3 revision 19.01.2456.977787e12

Released 02 Nov 2021

  • storpool_mgmt - fixes for migration to meta V2 (more on meta V2 here)

  • Initial build and internal tools support for AlmaLinux and RockyLinux 8.4.

19.3 revision 19.01.2439.425b19e8d

Released 26 Oct 2021

  • storpool_mgmt:

    • fixes a known VolumeGetStatus issue that may cause the API to abort/restart.

    • fixes entering maintenance mode with remote volume export

  • Python API bindings: adds the volumeStatusQuick API call.

  • storpool_stat: collects inventory less often, reduces CPU usage.

  • storpool_abrtsync: proxy support.

19.3 revision 19.01.2426.40f100363

Released 08 Oct 2021

  • Python API bindings 7.0.0: code cleanup, adds the globalId member to the AttachmentDesc structure.

  • Python API bindings: adds the iSCSI targets in the ClusterStatus response.

  • Python spopenstack helper 3.1.0: code cleanup, changes the locking strategy.

  • Drops some unneeded work that the storpool_ctl tool did at each invocation.

  • Fixes a minor problem with collecting internal diagnostic information in an edge case with a specific version of the confget tool installed.

19.3 revision 19.01.2401.48d842f1d

Released 29 Sep 2021

  • Adds upgrade to metadata version 2 (more here)

  • Adds fix for storpool_stat service to properly cleanup processes after data collection (no leftover zombie processes).

  • Adds support for up to 16 server instances per node for high-performance use cases.

  • Fix for extending active maintenance.

19.3 revision 19.01.2333.b24f05090

Released 21 Sep 2021

  • Adds support for Connect-X6 DX/LX, Connect-X7 network interface cards.

  • Adds support for Intel P5510 NVMe devices.

  • Adds fix for VolumesGetStatus API call showing volumes/snapshots as degraded.

19.3 revision 19.01.2321.a82720c45

Released 10 Sep 2021

  • Adds fix for balancer to correctly handle overrides.

19.3 revision 19.01.2319.27c976e3e

Released 07 Sep 2021

  • Simplify/clarify all messages from kernel modules.

  • Log the name of any process that opens a StorPool block device for writing.

  • Add an option to control the logging of opening of StorPool block devices (SP_BD_LOG_OPEN_CLOSE).

19.3 revision 19.01.2318.10e55fce0

Released 30 Aug 2021

  • Speeds VolumesGetStatus up in clusters with many volumes and snapshots.

  • Adds initial build and internal tools support for RHEL 8.4.

  • API access settings can now be overriden for all tools using the Python bindings through environment variables.

  • Compatibility improvements for NICs using the bnxt_en driver.

  • Volumes or snapshots with constraints violated are now visible in the output of storpool volume status (CLI guide here, more on what these volumes are here).

  • The AttachmentsList API call and the storpool attach list CLI command now show the globalId of the attachment.

  • The storpool_abrtsync service now uses HTTP/HTTPS for all transfers by default, instead of rsync/SSH.

  • Adds fix for handling TRIM commands for Windows-based initiators.

19.3 revision 19.01.2268.656ce3b10

Released: 06 Aug 2021

  • Adds support for Samsung PM9A3 (MZQL27T6HBLA-00A07).

  • Adds a change in the way volume overrides are loaded (updated release note page here).

  • Includes multiple reliability and stability fixes around storpool_iscsi, storpool_bridge, and storpool_mgmt services.

19.3 revision 19.01.2216.14df508f2

Released: 27 Jul 2021

  • Improves the API documentation structure.

  • Improve the storpool_block service’s handling of hot-plugged memory blocks.

  • The snapshot delayed delete option is now on by default, as it is being used by the ONE integration for safety when deleting virtual machines.

19.3 revision 19.01.2199.8700d0744

  • Raised buffer limits to handle high-bandwidth/high-latency inter-cluster connections.

  • Adds initial build infrastructure support for ROCKY8/ALMA8 Linux.

  • Includes ioatdma to blacklisted modules so that Intel IOAT acceleration could be enabled on supported systems.

  • storpool_cg changes:

    • Adds auto-detection for the optimal number of CPU cores on server-only systems.

    • Now supports changing the default machine.slice with a custom name (used for Kubernetes automation).

  • Improved storpool_bd kernel module logging.

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