StorPool 19.3 release notes

Release 19.3, more details here.

19.3 revision 19.01.2592.cf99471bd

Released 25 Dec 2021

  • storpool_stat: additional data collected for more comprehensive monitoring alerts:

    • modules tainted state from /proc

    • free space on all filesystems

    • lshw json output

    • lspci with kernel modules output

  • storpool_ctl:

    • just warns when the storpool_bd module could not be reloaded

    • the status option now shows all alerts for kernel module versions

  • storpool_server:

    • resets wbt_lat_usec parameter in /sys to 0 for all StorPool data disks

    • fix for more than one disk with the same disk ID

  • storpool_mgmt/CLI - adds global max recovery request setup (see 12.22.2.  Local and remote recovery)

    The new maxLocalRecoveryRequests and maxRemoteRecoveryRequests CLI parameters allow you to set the number of parallel requests to issue while performing local or remote recovery. These parameters replace the SP_NORMAL_RECOVERY_PARALLEL_REQUESTS_PER_DISK and SP_REMOTE_RECOVERY_PARALLEL_REQUESTS_PER_DISK configuration options, which are now deprecated.

19.3 revision 19.01.2571.5eb9133c9

Released 16 Dec 2021

  • storpol_bridge: use BIC for TCP connections to achieve higher throughput on high-latency links

19.3 revision 19.01.2562.7b73fb02d

Released 15 Dec 2021

  • storpool_server: fixes for a race-condition during re-balancing operation and system volumes aggregation that leads to abort.

  • Fixes for balancer tool for re-balancing a cluster with applied overrides.

19.3 revision 19.01.2545.66f61a9cd

Released 08 Dec 2021

  • Adds new features in storpool_volumecare version 1.21 (Change history).

  • Adds disk_init_helper - a set of tools will assist the setup with the initialization of NVMes, SSDs, PMEMs, and HDDs as StorPool data drives. For detailed usage and examples, see 7.  Storage devices

  • storpool_hugepages: now retries reservation

19.3 revision 19.01.2539.30ba167e1

Released 29 Nov 2021

  • Fixes for the improved handling of large volume and volume/snapshot chains (see 19.3 revision 19.01.2401.48d842f1d), related to re-balancing performance in clusters with HDD-only pools.

  • storpool_abrtsync: fix for service starting before new vmcore-dmesg file permissions in /var/crash get updated.

  • Initial support for persistent memory devices used for journal; for details, see Persistent memory support.

19.3 revision 19.01.2465.6f77d00cd

Released 11 Nov 2021

  • Critical fix for the monitoring agent that would miss a total API outage (no active API running in a cluster).

  • storpool_mgmt - fixes case with a destroyed snapshot on an ejected and forgotten disk.

  • Adds support for all 5.11+ kernels (up to 5.13 for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS).

19.3 revision 19.01.2456.977787e12

Released 02 Nov 2021

  • Fixes in storpool_mgmt related to the migration to the improved internal metadata structure (see 19.3 revision 19.01.2401.48d842f1d).

  • Initial build and internal tools support for AlmaLinux and RockyLinux 8.4.

19.3 revision 19.01.2439.425b19e8d

Released 26 Oct 2021

  • storpool_mgmt:

    • fixes a known VolumeGetStatus issue that may cause the API to abort/restart.

    • fixes entering maintenance mode with remote volume export

  • Python API bindings: adds the volumeStatusQuick API call.

  • storpool_stat: collects inventory less often, reduces CPU usage.

  • storpool_abrtsync: proxy support.

19.3 revision 19.01.2426.40f100363

Released 08 Oct 2021

  • Python API bindings 7.0.0: code cleanup, adds the globalId member to the AttachmentDesc structure.

  • Python API bindings: adds the iSCSI targets in the ClusterStatus response.

  • Python spopenstack helper 3.1.0: code cleanup, changes the locking strategy.

  • Drops some unneeded work that the storpool_ctl tool did at each invocation.

  • Fixes a minor problem with collecting internal diagnostic information in an edge case with a specific version of the confget tool installed.

19.3 revision 19.01.2401.48d842f1d

Released 29 Sep 2021

  • Improved handling of large volume and volume/snapshot chains

    The internal metadata structure is updated for more efficient metadata operations. The upgrade will provide:

    • Significantly improved flexibility for clusters with a large number of volumes/snapshots and chains of volumes or snapshots with sizes larger than 1TiB.

    • Better overall relocator performance.

    • More efficient object use for large snapshots.

    • Improved overall snapshot delete cycle.

    StorPool support team handles the upgrade to meta V2. The upgrade is in the internal data structures, and will be enabled once all services in the cluster are running the latest version.

    Once upgraded, the size of the disks sets table can be updated for each volume (or snapshot) to up to 32K. For example, a very large volume filled with data can be updated to a larger disk sets table size, providing more granularity when re-balancing its data. This set of features will be very helpful when a cluster has a small set of disks (the usual for a backup only cluster) or disks with different sizes, typical for clusters in process of expansion or hardware being upgraded/replaced.


    Note that expansions of the volume/snapshot disk table with a larger size will require a re-balancing operation, though shrinking will be applied immediately by the relocator.

    There are few small changes in the output for some commands after the upgrade to meta V2 is completed, for example, the storpool task list command output will now flag all operations related to a change in the volume or snapshot policy with balancer (example output in 12.19.  Tasks).

  • Adds fix for storpool_stat service to properly cleanup processes after data collection (no leftover zombie processes).

  • Adds support for up to 16 server instances per node for high-performance use cases.

  • Fix for extending active maintenance.

19.3 revision 19.01.2333.b24f05090

Released 21 Sep 2021

  • Adds support for Connect-X6 DX/LX, Connect-X7 network interface cards.

  • Adds support for Intel P5510 NVMe devices.

  • Adds fix for VolumesGetStatus API call showing volumes/snapshots as degraded.

19.3 revision 19.01.2321.a82720c45

Released 10 Sep 2021

  • Adds fix for balancer to correctly handle overrides.

19.3 revision 19.01.2319.27c976e3e

Released 07 Sep 2021

19.3 revision 19.01.2318.10e55fce0

Released 30 Aug 2021

  • Speeds VolumesGetStatus up in clusters with many volumes and snapshots.

  • Adds initial build and internal tools support for RHEL 8.4.

  • API access settings can now be overriden for all tools using the Python bindings through environment variables.

  • Compatibility improvements for NICs using the bnxt_en driver.

  • Volumes or snapshots with constraints violated are now visible in the output of storpool volume status; for details, see 12.10.3.  Volume status and 12.22.6.  Reusing server on disk failure.

  • The AttachmentsList API call and the storpool attach list CLI command now show the globalId of the attachment.

  • The storpool_abrtsync service now uses HTTP/HTTPS for all transfers by default, instead of rsync/SSH.

  • Adds fix for handling TRIM commands for Windows-based initiators.

19.3 revision 19.01.2268.656ce3b10

Released: 06 Aug 2021

  • Adds support for Samsung PM9A3 (MZQL27T6HBLA-00A07).

  • Adds a change in the way volume overrides are loaded (updated release note page here).

  • Includes multiple reliability and stability fixes around storpool_iscsi, storpool_bridge, and storpool_mgmt services.

19.3 revision 19.01.2216.14df508f2

Released: 27 Jul 2021

  • Improves the API documentation structure.

  • Improve the storpool_block service’s handling of hot-plugged memory blocks.

  • The snapshot delayed delete option is now on by default, as it is being used by the ONE integration for safety when deleting virtual machines.

19.3 revision 19.01.2199.8700d0744

  • Raised buffer limits to handle high-bandwidth/high-latency inter-cluster connections.

  • Adds initial build infrastructure support for ROCKY8/ALMA8 Linux.

  • Includes ioatdma to blacklisted modules so that Intel IOAT acceleration could be enabled on supported systems.

  • storpool_cg changes:

    • Adds auto-detection for the optimal number of CPU cores on server-only systems.

    • Now supports changing the default machine.slice with a custom name (used for Kubernetes automation).

  • Improved storpool_bd kernel module logging.

Previous release

19.2 revision 19.01.2173.0ca29830b