StorPool 19.4 release notes

19.4 revision 19.01.3152.2b7de29c0

Released 23 Aug 2022

  • Finalized support for LACP with bnxt_en NICs.

19.4 revision 19.01.3106.45589969c

Released 09 Aug 2022

  • Add support for Broadcom 5750X NIC series

  • Fix for storpool_initdisk –nvme-smart option, that leads to crashing storpool_nvmed, storpool_server services.

  • Now collecting each service view into the network in storpool_stat, for more comprehensive network related per-service monitoring alerts.

  • hpssacli-helper tool handling output from hpssacli with failed disks.

  • storpool_mgmt: fix crash during an edge case with a snapshot delete while a re-balancing is in progress.

19.4 revision 19.01.3061.a03558598

Released 22 Jun 2022

19.4 revision 19.01.3006.6d2a7fccf

  • Added a small key-value store as initial step for providing high availability for the GUI and the Volumecare services.

  • storpool_mgmt: added extra checks for transaction consistency in edge cases.

  • storpool_bridge: the status now showing more comprehensive error messages.

  • Now collecting the iSCSI config from storpool_mgmt for more comprehensive iSCSI related monitoring alerts.

19.4 revision 19.01.2995.15aa353e8

Released 22 Jun 2022 .. Released 13 Jun 2022

  • Fixes in storpool_vcctl tool (update to version 1.24.1, more info at Change history).

  • GRUB parametrization now moved to the install_helper tool for faster setup in the initial ansible playbook stages.

  • Human-readable service IDs in the output of storpool_dump.

  • Faster overrides load operation with large Volume Allocation Groups.

  • Fix for storpool_server aborts related to race-conditions on request completion time measurements.

19.4 revision 19.01.2975.d4308b0d0

Released 01 Jun 2022

  • Initial support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

  • Adds support for kernels 5.14/5.15 on Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 LTS.

19.4 revision 19.01.2930.57ca5627f

Released 05 May 2022

  • storpool_server:

    • auto-retest all disks upon latency threshold breach.

    • stop re-testing failing disks in case of more than 3 failures for the past hour.

    (updated Disk and journal performance tracking)

  • Initial support for kernels 5.14/5.15+.

  • Removed compatibility builds for CentOS 6, and Ubuntu 16.04.

19.4 revision 19.01.2894.c16b8c152

Released 26 Apr 2022

  • Fix in storpool_bd kernel module with kernels 5.13+, causing hanging processes after their volume is force-detached.

19.4 revision 19.01.2888.26d18ba04

Released 20 Apr 2022

  • disk_init_helper:

    • no longer leaving partitions when initialization fails.

    • the discover command will now only show by default (requires specifying path to the json file to proceed).

    • the init command is always noop by default (removes the --noop option), and requires --exec in order to actually proceed with creating partitions and initializing disks.

    • adds the init --wipe-new-partitions option when there are leftovers on the disks that prevents a successful storpool_initdisk.

19.4 revision 19.01.2878.075480123

Released 14 Apr 2022

19.4 revision 19.01.2877.2ee379917

Released 11 Apr 2022

  • Critical fix for the cgconfig service, so that virtual machines do not end up in the root cgroup under Ubuntu 18.04/20.04.

  • storpool_bridge:

    • Optimized encryption and decryption for better performance.

    • Speed up with lots of TRIMs.

  • storpool_server:

  • Fixes bug in the bnxt_en driver that leads to services blackholing traffic after restart.

  • storpool_cg - fix to handle Epyc(Zen 3) numa nodes properly with dual sockets.

  • Updates in network validation tools:

    • Connectivity could now be re-validated during upgrade from older releases (backwards compatibility).

    • Included checks for unreachable clusters (bridge status).

  • disk_tester - added reporting of NVMe device serial number in smart.log

19.4 revision 19.01.2795.61bf1bd1d

Released 16 Mar 2022

  • storpool_stat fix wrong key format leading to broken network stats collection.

19.4 revision 19.01.2794.6d8d69281

Released 15 Mar 2022

  • storpool_mgmt: Critical fix for crash related to cross-template volume baseOn.

  • VolumeCare update to version 1.23 (Change history).

19.4 revision 19.01.2778.3c99182fa

Released 11 Mar 2022

  • storpool_nvmed - fix aborts in storpool_server when storpool_nvmed restarts.

19.4 revision 19.01.2741.1490a1793

Released 27 Feb 2022

  • storpool_mgmt:

  • Additional safeguard for using metaV2 only features during the upgrade.

  • Additional safety checks to prevent objects depletion.

  • Fixes for snapshot conversion with applied overrides related to the migration to the improved internal metadata structure (see 19.3 revision 19.01.2401.48d842f1d).

  • iface-genconf - adds support for NetworkManager as backend for RHEL based OS.

  • storpool_ctl - adds option to wait for all disks to return to the cluster.

19.4 revision 19.01.2701.c2377e67a

Released 22 Feb 2022

  • python-api - added snapshotMoveToRemote call to catch up with the API.

  • The storpool_stat service is now regularly collecting comprehensive network topology details from storpool_ping netInfo.

  • hpssacli-helper - additional logging on failure to obtain a model or serial number data for a disk behind an HP controller.

19.4 revision 19.01.2686.1f4cf6e1d

Released 15 Feb 2022

  • Adds support for Kioxia Cd6.

  • Adds native support for per GiB IOPS and bandwidth limits; for details, see Setting IOPS and bandwidth limits.

  • storpool_mgmt:

    • Critical fix: fix crash during re-balance with a removed (forgotten) disk and snapshot deletion.

    • fix for the relocator that might cause duplicate data on volume-snapshot chains during re-balance.

    • returns globalId in API response on VolumeCreate.

  • python-api: adds support for anonymous (unnamed) volumes.

  • Improved logging with a human-readable name reported instead of service id.

19.4 revision 19.01.2646.0ec2ea57b

Released 25 Jan 2022

  • storpool_mgmt:

    • fix for baseOn on a volume with a different placement.

    • fix for stale mustTest flag on an ejected/forgotten disk.

  • Change in the installer so that bindings-py or cli do not require kernel support checks (e.g. install in a container).

  • vf-udevhelper - rework a previous fix due to hardware acceleration issues with i40e and ixgbe drivers.

  • install_modules_helper now allowing --inplace-reinstall essentially allowing easy downgrade in case of need.

19.4 revision 19.01.2627.d3811f42a

Released 20 Jan 2022

  • Critical fix storpool_mgmt - fixes a crash during many snapshot create/delete operations.

  • cgconfig - noop on restart/stop to prevent running processes ending up in the root cgroup.

  • vf-udevhelper - fixes a race condition with libvirt detecting disappearing VF network interfaces.

19.4 revision 19.01.2624.ae6abe68f

Released 17 Jan 2022

  • storpool_bridge - fixes cleanup of force unexported and deleted snapshots.

  • disk_init_helper - offsets can now be the same for continuous disk IDs.

19.4 revision 19.01.2609.d51d58af3

Released 12 Jan 2022

  • Make the maximum amount of snapshots in a cluster reconfigurable live.

  • Includes volumecare version 1.22 fixes and updates (Change history).

Previous release

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