Change history


  • Added the vcprobe tool to fetch information from the running VolumeCare daemon for monitoring purposes.

  • VolumeCare will now periodically (every minute) check for changes in its configuration, and will restart if it finds a difference with its currently loaded configuration.

  • Fixed a rare bug with tracking copies of snapshots in backup clusters caused by virtual machines with the same ID.


  • Updated the storpool_vcctl revert procedure. It now works with remote snapshots, and uses StorPool VolumeRevert calls.


  • Added multicluster mode for storpool_vcctl status -M to fetch information from the whole multicluster in primary locations.


  • The remote-backup mode will now rotate snapshots waiting for transfer in the primary cluster, instead of stacking them.

  • Fixed mhdm policy mode, which sometimes kept 1 minute snapshot more than it should.

  • storpool_vcctl revert bugfix for VMs with anonymous volumes.


  • Implemented a pacing feature for VolumeCare’s snapshot creation and deletion tasks.

  • Fix doubling of log messages in some places


  • Added storpool_vcctl nodeinfo that shows information about the currently installed/running VolumeCare on the node. Json output available.

  • General fixes for the moving the VolumeCare daemon with the active StorPool management


  • High Availability: VolumeCare is now installed by default on each mgmt node in the cluster. The daemons will always be running everywhere with only one of them actively executing snapshot operations - the one on the active mgmt node. For details, see 20.0 revision 20.0.466.2a2e26fd9.

  • VolumeCare configuration is now kept in the key-value store of the StorPool cluster and manipulated through storpool_vcctl config <option>.


  • Add a global and per-policy template override for primary and local clusters snapshot creation.


  • Add the remote-backup policy.

  • Introduce location status tracking for backup clusters as well. Backups will now not be deleted when the location they came from is unreachable.

  • Fix a problem in the last snapshot keeping mechanism from 1.21


  • Introduce the per-policy template and head_template settings.

  • Introduce the use_cluster_id option to handle the primary-backup scenario in the same StorPool multicluster.


  • Add StorPool volume to snapshot map in the storpool_vcctl json output.


  • Remote locations can be now set (overriden) per policy in primary clusters.

  • Add the mhdm policy.

  • A small feature for last snapshot keeping.


  • Add support for primary_backup mode. This allows a cluster to serve as a primary for itself and backup for its backup cluster. This enables a configuration with two clusters backing up in each other.


  • Fixes a small chance of group snapshots having different timestamps


  • Add support for multiclustered backup clusters

  • Renamed policies (with backwards compatible alias):

    • stopgap -> basic

    • stopgap-mirror -> basic-mirror

    • stopgap-remote -> keep-daily-remote

  • Add the no policy with mode nosnap if it does not exist in the config

  • template:* is now not a mandatory section in the configuration, It is populated with policy=no if not present

  • Add a new policy keep-daily-split

  • Move some constants to the volumecare section of the config:

    • scan_interval_s - the re-scan interval for the volumecare in seconds

    • care_max_ops - maximum number of operations per CARE task run

    • care_min_wait_s - minimum number of seconds to wait between two CARE task runs

    • care_obsolete_check_tout_s - maximum number of seconds between obsolete snapshots check

  • The bridge connection test snapshot now contains the cluster id in its name


  • Fix a bug with tags on internal vc “fake” snapshot objects


  • Add support for multicluster with backup

  • Add the vc-nv tag to track number of volumes for vm snapshots

  • Only backup clusters will not see recovering snapshots now


  • Add the vc-orig tag to track incoming location


  • Add support for anonymous (unnamed) volumes

  • Backups now wait remote unexport before deleting a snapshot

  • Fix an issue with a too long name + tags for snapshots


  • Small bugfix of the CARE task rescheduling with the same timestamp


  • vcctl: add json output for status

  • vcctl: add option to hide entities with policy nosnap

  • vcctl: show vms when searching for volume

  • vcctl: add local and remote filtering to show and status commands

  • Implement a timeout for the obsolete snapshots check

  • vcctl: add internal storpool snapshot stats to status

  • Add a jq module for transfers in the primary clusters


  • Do not unexport in the deletion tasks in primary clusters

  • Add the inherit_tags functionality


  • Added basic-remote policy

  • Fixed some bugs in stopgap-mirror

  • vcctl: added verbose output; vm storpool snapshot names can be seen there

  • vcctl: implemented show policy

  • vcctl: show and list accept location as well


  • Do not add export/unexport tasks for snapshots that are pending deletion.


  • Fixed the location deducing of some volumes.


  • Backup clusters got “next_remote” for exporting snapshots to one more place.


  • Fixed a race condition bug on transfer/delete snapshot in primary clusters.

  • stopgap-remote now deleted the non-daily snapshots form the primary if they expire (got age > 24h) immediately, not keeping them to be transferred to the backup.


  • Track snapshot exports and unexports with events.

  • Protection for duplicating delete/export/unexport/copy tasks.

  • Use only location ids internally, remote option in the config is not affected.

  • Don’t show recovering snapshots from the storpool driver. It is conceptually wrong. A snapshot is present when it is recovered.

  • Backup clusters now manually export snapshots after recovering. This is needed so that vm volumes snapshots appear at the same time.

  • Default retry policy changed to: initial - 3 min, increment - x2.


  • VolumeCare in normal mode does not scan for remote snapshots.


  • Primary clusters do the exports per entity one by one.

  • Backup clusters export special dummy snapshot to the primary for location tracking. Primary clusters do not export snapshots to down locations.


  • Reschedule the care task immediately if there are unhandled events.

  • Primary clusters unexport snapshots after they are transferred.


  • Add stopgap-mirror policy.

  • Fix the issue with that could cause 15s premature task execution


  • Add -L/–location option to vcctl status; queries volumes/vms only from the given location. Locations are raw (e.g. bbht - the first part of CLUSTER_ID).

  • Volumecare in primary mode now exports the snapshots sorted by age, oldest first (in the same manner the volumecare in backup mode invokes copyFromRemote).

  • Volumecare in backup mode now does not require the “remote” option in the config. Backup mode natively supports multiple primary clusters and that option was actually never used when running in backup mode.


  • Fix vcctl show volume <volume_name> not working.


  • initial